Upcoming Events


From Technostress to Technohealth
May 4-5, 2012 – Hawthorne, NY

Learn biofeedback modulated tools to reverse and prevent stress related disorders. Stress is a major factor in more than 80 percent of illness seen by a primary care physician. The workshop focuses upon teaching pragmatic skills which clients can mobilize to improve their health and reduce their stress. It is based upon the book Make Health Happen which has been taught to more than 5000 students who report an 80% improvement rate. Based upon an evolutionary perspective of health, the workshop outlines the specific techniques and procedures which include monitoring awareness of stress, dynamic regeneration, breathing, hand-warming, cognitive stress reduction, imagery for healing, and behavior change with economical biofeedback devices that clients can use such as StressEraser, Emwave, My CalmBeat, GSR2 and Myotrac. Using these tools, clients have reduced their blood pressure, tension, headaches, stopped smoking, reducing eczema, eliminating warts, reducing back pain, lowering depression, controlling anger or anxiety, as well as increasing exercise frequency, improving diet, etc.

5-Day Professional General Biofeedback BCIA Program
Jun 2-6, 2012 Hawthorne, NY (featurning Erik Peper)

This innovative 5-day seminar is designed to teach clinicians biofeedback fundamentals and cutting-edge applications. This program covers all 48 hours of the BCIA Didactic Biofeedback Education requirement through powerful demonstrations of biofeedback and adjunctive procedures, imaginative hands-on lab exercises with multi-channel computerized equipment, professional multimedia presentations, and comprehensive review materials. This program integrates personal hands-on training with equipment with didactic presentation.

16th Annual BFE meeting in Rzeszów, Poland
September 11-15, 2012

The BFE meeting offers in-depth scientific presentations (lectures, symposia, paper sessions, and poster) during the scientific program and ongoing education training in one and two day hands-on clinical and educational workshops. The workshops are instructed by internationally recognized clinicians who demonstrate their latest clinical/educational biofeedback treatment approaches.