Electroencephalography feedback (EEG)

Tsai, H. Y., Peper, E., & Lin, I. M.* (2016). EEG patterns under positive/negative body postures and emotion recall tasks. NeuroRegulation, 3(1), 23-27.

This article demonstrated that if you are sitting collapsed, it takes almost twice as long and the brain has to work much significantly harder to access positive memories than when you sit erect. Sitting collapsed facilitates the presence of negative, hopeless, defeating thoughts and memories. While sitting erect and looking upward increases the access to positive thoughts and memories can possibly could decrease depressive thoughts and feelings. Thus clinicians and clients need to be aware of posture and encourage upright posture to promote health.

Reduction of efferent motor commands during alpha feedback

Subjects who received EEG Alpha feedback recorded from two homologous scalp areas (central-temporal) were trained to have ON-OFF control over the left and right sides. The partial success in demonstrating localized control suggests that subjects may be trained for very specific control. Applications to medicine and altered states of consciousness are discussed.