Teaching & Training

Dr. Erik Peper is a professor of Holistic Health at the Institute for Holistic Health Studies/Department of Health Education at San Francisco State University. He is a world renowned expert on biofeedback and holistic health and has implemented training programs worldwide. He offers lectures, in-depth training, workshops and short courses in everything from holistic health to better breathing and stress management. He regularly trains medical professionals in biofeedback techniques in programs established across North America, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

“Erik Peper brings a wealth of knowledge and insight not found in the standard biofeedback text books to the training programs he teaches for us. He receives high ratings from our students and is requested to teach again by those who have attended his sessions. We are pleased to have one of the most respected teachers, authors, and researchers in the biofeedback as part of our teaching faculty.”
-Harry L. Campbell, President, Biofeedback Resources International