Dr. Erik Peper offers a variety of targeted consulting services to improve workplace health, reduce stress and increase productivity. His expertise empowers organizations to help their members realize their full potential. Some examples of his services include:

Stress management: Stress is pervasive in professional society, it reduces productivity, threatens the immune system and is detrimental to organizational culture. After careful monitoring and analysis, Dr. Peper develops programs to minimize and mitigate stress in the workplace at any or all levels of the organization, from executive to janitorial.

Peak performance: Few people are able to ‘work their best’ all the time. Dr. Peper uses techniques honed by training Olympic athletes to help everyone enhance their personal best. Strategies include mental rehearsal, autonomic enhancement, energy awareness and cognitive restructuring.

From technostress to technohealth: Modern business is built upon information technology, but working at the computer significantly impacts health. Dr. Peper develops workplace best practices to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury, fatigue, increased muscle tension, eye strain and chronic pain.

Download 8 components of healthy computing and healthy computing tips.

Each service package is custom tailored to the needs of each individual client or corporation.

“The staff found both your presentation and individual reviews of their workstations extremely helpful. We really appreciated your understanding of our work and agency when making recommendations that ranged from simple (and often free or low-cost) strategies that we could implement right away to considerations for future budget and space planning.”
– Judy Higuchi, Associate Director, High Risk Infant Interagency Council